Confirmed COVID 19 Cases for the period Friday, April 23, 2021 through Thursday, April 29, 2021. 
Quarantined individuals as of Thursday, April 29, 2021.

COVID Dashboard

School Number of Confirmed
COVID-19 Cases
(Students & Staff)
Number of Individuals
In Quarantine
(Students & Staff)
Simsbury High School 2 29
Henry James Memorial School 0 10
Central School 2 46
Latimer Lane School 0 1
Squadron Line School K-6 1 26
Squadron Line Pre-K 0 0
Tariffville School 0 3
Tootin' Hills School 0 1
BOE Administrative Office 0 0

Note: Students and staff who are a part of our Distance Learning program will not be included on the dashboard unless they are physically participating in an activity at school. 
Quarantine numbers include individuals who were part of school-based cases as well as individuals who need to quarantine due to outside of school contacts or travel.

Parent/Guardian Daily Checklist
Farmington Valley Health District's protocols for sending a child to school

Letter from FVHD risk assessment to date (November 24, 2020)