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District Calendar 2018-19 (printable version)
NOTE: This calendar is not updated as snow days are added throughout the year. Please refer to the online version of the District calendar on this page for updated last-day-of-school information or search "last day" in the Search District Calendar box.

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Please Note: Each student will bring home a letter from his/her teacher with an explanation of which specials correspond with which letter days. Every teacher’s letter day schedule will be different. Some teachers will post the schedules on their individual classroom web pages.

School will close for the year upon completion of the 180th student school day. If the school year is extended due to cancellations, the letter pattern will continue. (Example 6/15D, 6/16E, 6/17F)

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Snow Days




As of March 4, 2019 the number of inclement weather days for school year 2018-19 was:



Currently the last day of school is June 14th.



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July 2019
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat/Sun
Mon, Jul 1
Tue, Jul 2
Wed, Jul 3
Thu, Jul 4
Fri, Jul 5
Sat, Jul 6
Sun, Jul 7
Mon, Jul 8
Wed, Jul 10
Thu, Jul 11
Fri, Jul 12
Sat, Jul 13
Sun, Jul 14
Mon, Jul 15
Tue, Jul 16
Wed, Jul 17
Thu, Jul 18
Fri, Jul 19
Sat, Jul 20
Sun, Jul 21
Mon, Jul 22
Wed, Jul 24
Fri, Jul 26
Sat, Jul 27
Sun, Jul 28
Mon, Jul 29
Tue, Jul 30
Wed, Jul 31
Fri, Aug 2
Sat, Aug 3
Sun, Aug 4

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