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Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

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Sue Lemke     Sue Homrok-Lemke
  Assistant Superintendent for Teaching & Learning
  Board of Education -- (860) 651-3361

The Office of the Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning ensures that the district curriculum and instruction provides  access for all students to achieve the educational goals outlined by the Simsbury Board of Education, Connecticut State Department of Education, and relevant legislation and are aligned with the Vision of a Graduate and Simsbury Public School’s Strategic Plan. The Assistant Superintendent works with the district leaders to guide work on the development, implementation, and improvement of curriculum, instruction, assessment, and professional development in grades K-12. We are committed to providing students with a rich and rigorous academic foundation designed to stimulate the skills necessary for students to be successful in an ever-changing and global society. We believe in setting challenging and demanding expectations of performance and supporting all students to achieve high standards. Working together with key program leaders, including the Director of Elementary Curriculum & Student Assessments, Director of Instructional Technology, Director of Pupil Services, and Director of Equity and Access, we communicate and collaborate with principals, district leaders, teachers, and other stakeholders to establish priorities and systems to collect and analyze data associated with our focus areas. Our data holds us accountable and guides decisions regarding resource allocation and systematic continuous improvements. This data provides the basis for outcomes-based accountability, targeting resources, improving systems, and establishing new areas of focus.

Betsy Gunsalus

Elizabeth Gunsalus
Director of Curriculum & Student Assessments
Elementary Curriculum  Center (860) 408-6141


Katie Krasula

Katie Krasula
Director of Pupil Services
(860) 658-3873


David Prinstein

David Prinstein
Director of Instructional Technology
(860) 658-3898


Tayarisha Batchelor

Dr. Tayarisha Batchelor
Director of Equity and Access
(860) 658-0451,
ext. 480