Office of the Assistant Superintendent for Teaching & Learning

Erin Murray
Assistant Superintendent for Teaching & Learning
Board of Education -- (860) 651-3361

Elizabeth Gunsalus
Director of Curriculum & Student Assessments
Curriculum & Technology Center -- (860) 658-3897

The office of the Assistant Superintendent for Teaching & Learning ensures that the programs and instruction provided by the district assist students to achieve the educational goals outlined by the Board of Education, the State of Connecticut, and relevant legislation. Toward that end, the Assistant Superintendent works with the Director of Elementary Curriculum and principals to guide district-wide work on the development, implementation, and improvement of curriculum, instruction, assessment, and professional development in grades K-12. As district curriculum leaders, we are committed to providing students with a rich and rigorous academic foundation designed to stimulate the skills necessary for students to be successful in an ever changing and global society. We believe in setting challenging and demanding expectations of performance and supporting all students to achieve high standards. Together, the Assistant Superintendent for Teaching & Learning and the Director of Elementary Curriculum communicate and collaborate with principals, districts leaders, teachers, and other stakeholders to establish priorities as well as systems for the identification, collection, monitoring, analysis, and reporting of key data in relation to those priorities. These data provide the basis for outcomes-based accountability, targeting resources, improving systems, and establishing new priorities.

The Assistant Superintendent for Teaching & Learning directly supervises key program leaders (Director of Elementary Curriculum; Director of Instructional Technology and Career and Technology Education) and participates in the evaluation of others (K-12 Art Department Supervisor; K-12 Physical Education/Health Department Supervisor; Director of Music and Performing Arts; K-6 Social Studies Resource Coordinator; District Writing Specialist; and Department Supervisor of 6-8 World Languages).

The Director of Elementary Curriculum directly supervises K-12 Language Arts Consultants, 7-8 Reading Teachers, Elementary Social Studies and Writing Specialist, Elementary Math and Science Resource Teacher, and the SHS ELL teacher.

To increase K-12 continuity and synchrony, the Assistant Superintendent for Teaching & Learning convenes leadership groups such as the District Leadership Team, Elementary and Secondary Principals, and oversees Vertical Leaders meetings in English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and World Language.

If the key to the future success is the increase of system thinking in action, system leaders have a dual role. One is to make system coherence more and more evident and accessible, the other is to foster interactions—horizontally and vertically—that promote system thinking in others.

—Michael Fullan

Curriculum Handbooks

Elementary (K-6)

Elementary Curriculum Handbook: This handbook, updated in September 2018, presents a broad overview of each core subject, defines the expectations for student achievement, and provides a description of the curriculum at each grade level. It also highlights the uniqueness of the curriculum and the instruction that takes place in the classroom.

Simsbury Public Schools has developed a strong standards-based curriculum that incorporates sequential instruction, enduring ideas, and the discrete skills that students should know and be able to do by the end of each grade. Assessments that inform instruction and document the learning and growth of each child are built into our curriculum. Teachers analyze student work to individualize student instruction, implement continuous learning, and guide decisions to improve student performance.

This Elementary Curriculum Handbook is one more important document that supports communication between home and school. We hope that the information will add to your understanding of the elementary school curriculum and will enrich your role as an active participant in your child’s education.

If you have questions about our elementary curriculum, please contact Betsy Gunsalus, Director of Curriculum and Student Assessments, at Tootin' Hills School at (860) 658-3897 or

Elementary Curriculum Handbook printer friendly grade-level sections are available below. Please click on the link to download the pdf.

Middle School (7-8)

High School (9-12)

Simsbury High School Program of Studies

Note: This document is updated annually and posted in January of each year.