Board of Education Budget 

During the month of February, the Board of Education will continue to discuss the 2024-25 budget and capital improvement plan during their budget workshop and regular meetings.  The board will vote to adopt a 6-year capital improvement plan at their meeting on February 13, 2024 and the 2024-25 school operating budget at their meeting on February 27, 2024.

Following adoption of these budgets, the Board of Education will forward the capital improvement plan to the Board of Selectmen for incorporation into the town capital plan.  In March, the Board of Education will present their operating budget to the Board of Finance.  The Board of Finance will hold a Public Hearing on April 3, 2024 on the capital and operating budgets.  The budget referendum is tentatively set for April 30, 2024 at Henry James Memorial School.

BOE Calendar

Overview of the Budget Process

October February

Budget Forms

Information/Calendar to Principals & Directors

BOE budget workshops culminate in operating budget adoption and BOE adopts the Capital Improvement Plan for submission to the BOS
October/November March
Discussion and prioritization of budget items in conjunction with Principals & Directors

BOE presentation to the BOF (capital and
operating budgets)

December April
Superintendent/Director of Finance/Assistant Superintendents meet with Principals & Directors to discuss budget proposals and building improvements Public hearings on BOE, Town and capital budgets
January May
Budget workshops begin with the Board of Education Budget Referendum at Henry James Memorial School