Trojan Tech Team

Welcome to the Trojan Tech Team student help desk for assistance with your Chromebooks and other Google related concerns. As the school year progresses we will be providing an expanded help desk based on your feedback and needs.

Services provided:

  • Chromebook repair requests
  • Assistance with Chromebook settings/operation
  • Short tutorial videos on Chromebook use/G Suite Apps/social media privacy settings

Meet our Trojan Tech Team

Faculty Advisor: Mr. Mckenna

Team Members:

  • Samantha Aiyathurai
  • Christopher Cestone
  • Kaden Hart
  • Calah Huie
  • Emilie Kendrick
  • Miles Murphy
  • Shamar Sutton
  • Sharvil Trifale
  • Alexander Wielebnicki



Informational Videos/Step by Step Instructions

Getting Started with your Chromebook This one-page write-up includes setting up your wifi connection at home and printing from your Chromebook.

How to Setup Offline Files on your Chromebook Step-by-step on syncing your Docs, Sheets, Slides and Drawings for offline access.

How to print at school from your Chromebook Presently printing is available in the Writing Lab. Read the instructions to understand the process.

Turn off Ublock to view Videos Screenshots for turning off Ublock to enable CNN and other sites videos to play.

Sound not coming out of headphones? Follow these steps for how to fix this issue.

Request an Appointment

See the schedule below and email for an appointment. Include your name, the period you want to meet, and what you need help with during that time. Request two days before.

Trojan Tech Team Application

We welcome students to apply for the Trojan Tech Team throughout the school year. If you want to obtain credit as an Independent Study, then you must apply prior to the start of a new semester.

Trojan Tech Team Application


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