1:1 Chromebook Program for Anytime, Anyplace Learning

Simsbury High School students in grades 9-12 are assigned Chromebooks for use at home, as well as at school. Chromebooks have been used extensively in Simsbury Public Schools for several years since we became a G Suite for Education district. Chromebooks have proven to be a cost effective solution for providing students with access to vetted educational online resources and tools. Making these resources available 24/7 allows for anytime, anywhere learning and encourages students to become responsible consumers and creators of information. See the 1:1 Chromebook Procedures and Information Packet tab below for a complete description of this program.

Information on the Distribution of Chromebooks:

  • Students receive Chromebooks as freshmen or as new transfers to the school at the Forms and Photo Fair held in August. 
  • Parents and students are expected to read the 1:1 informational packet prior to signing off on the insurance and Chromebook agreement forms. The Chromebook agreement sign-off will be done through PowerSchool Enrollment (formerly InfoSnap), which will open in late July.
  • The Insurance form is sent out with the Forms and Photo Fair information in July.

Annual Chromebook Procedures:

  • All students and parents are required to read the Chromebook Information Packet and sign-off on it through PowerSchool Enrollment (formerly InfoSnap).
  • All students are required to view the Informational Videos below.
  • All students and parents are required to fill out the Insurance form and bring it to the Forms and Photo Fair with signatures.

In order to address any questions that parents/guardians may have after reviewing the Procedures and Information Packet, an informal Q & A forum will be held August 12th in the high school auditorium from 6:30-7:00 PM.

1:1 Chromebook Procedures and Information Packet

Chromebook and Insurance Agreement Form (bring to Forms and Photo Fair)

Chromebook Insurance Overview (see 1:1 Chromebook Initiative Procedures and Information Packet, Sec. 8 for details)

Chromebook Insurance Form- Required of all 9th-12th graders




Informational Videos (required viewing)

SHS Chromebook Program Overview

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Chromebook use be monitored outside of school?

  • The school will not monitor student use at home. While at school the network does have a filter to meet the CIPA requirements for appropriate educational content. At home, students' filtering will be dependent on your home filter. That said, while logged into their school account, Google Search Safe Search is in effect at all times.

Why assign students their own Chromebook?

  • One reason is to ensure all students have ready access to the technology and educational resources needed for learning whenever and wherever needed. With so many of the educational resources students need being online, it makes sense for students to have a tool that gives them quick access to the Internet. With this additional access to Chromebooks, students will become more adept at using its features along with the G Suite for Education Apps. It also is more cost effective to assign students a Chromebook than to supply each teaching space with its own set of Chromebooks (25% more Chromebooks would be needed.)

Why do students have to use a school-issued Chromebook?

  • Our Chromebooks have management applications that allow teachers to direct student learning and to securely deliver online teacher created assessments.  These applications are not licensed for personal devices.  

What if my child forgets their Chromebook at home?

  • At this age we expect students to come prepared for class each day. We will have a minimal number of loaners for students whose Chromebooks may be out for repair, and we will draw upon these if a student forgets their Chromebook. Leaving their Chromebook at home is not an excuse for missing assignments. Disciplinary actions can be found in the Chromebook agreement and in the informational packet.

What if the Chromebook is damaged or not functioning properly?

  • Students must bring their Chromebook to the Student Help Desk in the library within one school day to fill out a repair request. The Trojan Tech Team will help them fill out the repair request and will do a preliminary inspection. A loaner will be issued dependent on inspection. If the student has insurance they will be able to bring the loaner home until repairs are made. If the student does not have insurance they will need to return the loaner each day to the library. Their Chromebook will be returned upon receipt of cost of repairs/replacement. See the insurance agreement and information packet for complete information.

What if we do not have Internet access at home?

  • Students are able to sync their Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drawings to their Chromebook for offline work at home. Any changes made to these files will be synced once back online.

Can my child print from their Chromebook?

Student Help Desk

Need help from the Trojan Tech Team? Go to our Student Help Desk webpage.