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25 Nimrod Road, West Simsbury, CT 06092
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Anjanette Belmonte, Principal

Tootin' Hills School is a caring, accepting educational community where adults and children are valued as learners and as people. Our school is an environment in which it is safe to take risks, to make mistakes, and to grow. From the principal to the youngest child, everyone practices the skills needed to respectfully interact with each other and takes responsibility for their learning and behavior. The graduates of Tootin' Hills School will exemplify integrity, academic accomplishment, and the joy of learning embraced by the Tootin' Hills School community.

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Grade 5 Takes a Hike
Grade 5 students enjoy an end of year picnic at Town Forest.

Tootin' Hills grade 5 students celebrated the end of the school year with a picnic at Town Forest Park and then a sweet treat at Tulmeadow Farm. A delicious culmination of a fabulous year. 


FriendzWorldMusic Performs for Elementary Schools

Simsbury Cultural Enrichment Committee brought FriendzWorldMusic to perform at each of the elementary schools. The multifaceted group of musicians, composers, entertainers, and educators with diverse backgrounds. They are professional experts in various music and dance styles, including West African, Afro-Caribbean, calypso, jazz, hip-hop, fusions and much more. They make it their mission to pay homage to their ancestors. Each performance is lively, and engaging.

Performer shows inside of drum to students in audience.
Performer leads student audience in clapping rhythm.


Pasta Night at the Tootin' Hills Bistro
Families sit around tables in school cafeteria for pasta night

The 5th Grade Pasta Night tradition returned in grand style at Tootin' Hills. The cafeteria was transformed into a bistro complete with flowers on the tables, streamers, and strings of lights.  Parent volunteers served up pasta, sauce, meatballs, bread, and salad to Tootin' Hills families. Grade 5 students, with aprons on, helped to seat guests, delivered cups of water and served up some delicious sweet treats for dessert. Delizioso!



Author John Schu at Tootin' Hills
Author John Schu hands out books to students during assembly.

Author John Schu visits with students and encourages creating, sharing, and listening to stories. He generously gave books to students and staff during the assembly.


Tootin' Hills Hour of Code
Students work on coding programs on their devices

The annual Hour of Code took place at all the elementary schools and HJMS in early December. High school students spent the day at the elementary school they once attended and assisted younger students with their coding tasks.