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Principal Evans and Asst Principal Forsberg outside Squadron Line School

44 Squadron Line Rd., Simsbury, CT 06070
Phone: (860) 658-2251 | Fax: (860) 658-3627

Meg Evans, Principal
Nancy Forsberg, Assistant Principal

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Best Elementary School 2016

Squadron Line Elementary School is a place in which students, staff, administrators, parents/guardians, and the Simsbury community work together in a supportive partnership. We act as a team to ensure that every child develops the skills necessary for life long learning in a positive, inclusive environment. We collaborate with stakeholders to ensure that our credo “We all SHINE at Squadron Line!” is a reality for all students.

The success of Squadron Line School is dependent upon the collaborative efforts of the entire school community. We recognize that success is maximized when there is active involvement from students, parents, guardians, teachers, administrators. By working together, we continually achieve our goal of providing students with the experiences they need so that each child successfully achieves across the curriculum. This is done in an environment characterized by respect, responsibility, kindness, and mutual support.


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Squadron Line News

Preschool students take advantage of a warm November morning to enjoy a snack and storytime outside in the sunshine. 

Students sit outside for storytime and a snack.


Principal Evans enjoyed visiting classrooms to remind students how we SHINE at Squadron Line and sharing the book The Circles All Around Us by Brad Montague. 

Mrs. Evans reads story to kindergarten class.
Mrs. Evans reads story to kindergarten class


Welcome Back to Squadron Line School. Are you ready to shine?

Welcome Back to School banner at Squadron Line School