School Counseling

Welcome to the Simsbury High School Counseling Department

Simsbury High School is a unique school, rich in tradition and spirit. It is a wonderful environment in which to grow academically, personally, and socially. You will be presented with many new and exciting opportunities to explore areas of interest that will help cultivate this growth. It is the philosophy of the School Counseling Department to encourage and promote this exploration as a means of self-inquiry, and as an important tool in the development of self-awareness. We pride ourselves in understanding how individualized the developmental process is for each student and work hard to encourage choices that will help you question your assumptions, challenge your intellect, and stimulate your creativity. The School Counseling Department is a major hub of Simsbury High School and a primary source of information throughout your high school journey. Our goal is to know our students, know our families, and know the opportunities that exist for you. We look forward to a productive partnership with you, and to providing the necessary support and encouragement through these exciting years.

Greg Stillman
Director of School Counseling



Junior Year Post High School Planning

School counselors will begin the process of post high school planning with juniors beginning in January. You will get an email inviting you to attend a meeting with your child and their school counselor where counselors will discuss post high school options and the steps students can be taking. In the spring, the counselors will be hosting Campus Connections, where a panel of college admissions representatives will provide advice on the college process and talk about the trends in college admission. Also, the company SpringPath will host its annual college fair in Farmington. More information will be forthcoming on those two programs.



ASVAB Testing

ASVAB Testing has been postponed to Thursday, 2/22. Any questions, please see Mr. Tittle in the School Counseling Office.




8th Grade Course Selection Night

On January 29, Simsbury High School hosted a course selection night for future 9th graders. Students were given the chance to learn about the many options available to them for electives.

Full details can be found on the flyer.


NCAA Night

On November 29, the School Counseling Office presented ‘Becoming a College Bound Student-Athlete’ The program covered all of the information needed to become an NCAA college bound student-athlete.  The presentation was open to parents and students of all grade levels.

Slides from the presentation can be found here.


Financial Aid Night

On October 17, we hosted Charles Wareham, an expert in the field of college funding strategies. Charles presented some great information on preparing for the expenses of college. A recording of the event will be posted here soon.


Virtual Senior Parent Night

On September 6th, the counselors  presented pertinent information regarding the post high school planning process. They discussed the present trends in college admissions, explained specific procedures on how to complete college applications, talked about the resources available to seniors, and answered some additional questions from attendees.

A recording of the session can be found here.