Andrew O'Brien, Principal
Phone: (860) 658-0451
Facsimile: (860) 658-2439
Email Address:

Ken Pera, Assistant Principal
All students (Grade 9)
Phone: (860) 658-0451
Facsimile: (860) 658-2439
Email Address:

Georgia Robert, Assistant Principal
Grades 10-12 (A-K)
Phone: (860) 658-0451
Facsimile: (860) 658-2439
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Stephen Patrina, Assistant Principal
Grades 10-12 (L-Z)
Phone: (860) 658-0451
Facsimile: (860) 658-2439
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Art Department Logo

Visit the Art Department K-12 page

Our Philosophy

It is the goal of the Simsbury High School art department to provide students with an exceptional art education. We seek to nurture the artistry and creativity in all our students by providing experiences that are fun, rewarding and challenging. Our commitment also is to create within students a sense of pride and worth that allows them to be the best persons possible as well as the best young artists. Art is an expressive form of non-verbal communication important to the total education of the student at Simsbury High School.

The Art Department at Simsbury High School offers a wide variety of courses to meet the interests and diverse needs of our students. The Arts have been identified by the College Board, the U.S. Congress, the National Association of Secondary School Principals, and the U.S. Department of Education as part of the core curriculum that all students should participate in during their high school experience. The art program is intended for any student interested in art for enjoyment, in preparation for a post graduate portfolio, or as a career choice.

SAA LogoThe Simsbury Arts Academy provides enrichment during the summer for K-12 students.
Click on the logo to go to the SAA website.

2018 Art Show

Art Show Flyer

Click on image above to view larger PDF version.

Scholastic Art Awards

Art Department Faculty

Megan Antosik

Thea Ciciotte

Shannon Gagne

Art Department Supervisor

David Holzman

Stephanie Lauretano

Anne Poon


Athletics Department Faculty

Susan Healey


Jeffrey Pinney

Director of Athletics and Student Activities

Business and Finance Technology

Business and Finance Technology Department courses encourage independent FINANCE courses encourage making wise economic decisions related to personal financial affairs, the successful operation of organizations, and the economic activities of the country. MARKETING courses introduce students to the processes and functions involved in transferring business products or services to a consumer within an environment of rapidly evolving technology, interdependent national economies, increasing demands for ethical and social responsibility, and constant change. Students will develop the critical thinking competencies necessary for acquiring, interpreting, evaluating, and managing information.

Students may earn three college credits for Accounting 1, Accounting 2, and Personal Finance through the Tunxis Community College Career Pathways dual enrollment program.

All courses are offered at Level II. Students wishing to receive Level I credit or complete an independent study must complete the approved application process established by the department. See the department supervisor for more information.


The Simsbury Board of Education has added a .25 credit financial literacy requirement to the set of mandatory courses. This requirement can be achieved through the completion of one of the following courses:

Financial Literacy-II .25 credit
Personal Finance-II .50 credit
PLATO-Personal Finance .50 credit
AP Economics-I 1.0 credit

In addition, the Department of Continuing Education may offer a financial literacy course during the summer if student enrollment warrants.

Business & Finance Technology Department Faculty

Patti D'Onofrio

Deb Manning

Douglas Nielson


Comprehensive course and program information for Simsbury High School is published in the SHS Program of Studies book in January of each year.

The English program offers courses at two levels of achievement, ability, and interest for grades nine through twelve. This arrangement of levels ensures that all students are challenged and motivated. The sequential curricula incorporate instruction in language skills, composition, and literature.

The two levels of the English courses are: Level I - Honors or Advanced Placement, Level II - Competitive College Preparatory. Level placement is primarily based on teacher recommendation.

Links to SUMMER 2018 reading assignments will be posted in the table below as soon as they become available.

9-1 Honors Summer Reading Assignment10-1 Summer Reading AssignmentGrade 11 AP Literature
9-2 Summer Reading Assignment10-2 Summer Reading AssignmentGrade 12 AP Literature

English Department Faculty

Sara Averill

Dan Celentano

Instructional Coach 9-12 Literacy

Daniel Diana

Jed Flaherty

Shira Flowers

Michelle Henry

Talina Hogan

Marty Leftoff

Michael Lenz

Linda Miron

John Mudano

Dana Pescatello

ERC Tutor

Sarah Pfeiffer

Catherine Robbins

John Roberts

Carolyn Weiser

Family and Consumer Sciences

Proud partner with UConn Early College Experience

Through experiential learning, Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) courses offer students practical and essential life skills necessary for successful living and working in the 21st century. Students develop critical thinking and problem solving skills/strategies, as well as planning and teamwork skills. Lab work, research, projects, technology, and "hands-on" activities guide student learning in both Culinary Arts and Child Development and Human Services strands.

Students have the opportunity to earn college credit from the University of Connecticut for the Individual and Family Development course.

All courses are offered at Level II. Students wishing to receive Level I credit or complete an independent study must complete the approved application process established by the department. See the department supervisor for more information.

FACS Department Faculty

Sara Garthwait

Daniel Lestrud

Gail Szatrowski

Health Services

Health Services Staff

Carol Baron


Sue Beardsley

Director of Health Services

Kriss Brown


Margie Esthus

Health Aide

Debra Schmetterling


Information Technology

The Information Technology Department is located on the district website.

Library Media Center

Library Media Center Staff

Jennifer Dion

Library Media Specialist

Michael McKenna

Library Media Specialist

Cathy Starr

Library Assistant


The mathematics curriculum is structured to offer courses appropriate for a wide range of interests and abilities. The underlying philosophy reflects an attempt to blend the most desirable features of both modern and traditional points-of-view. Every effort is made to guide individual students through a sequence of courses which best suits them as indicated by their goals, aptitude, and past performance.

Students can meet the school’s minimum graduation requirements of four credits in math by successfully completing any combination of the courses listed in the SHS Program of Studies. In addition, Accounting (II), a course offered by the Business and Finance Technology Department, may be applied toward math graduation requirements. Please read the course description for details.

The three levels of the Math courses are as follows: Level I - Honors or Advanced Placement, Level II - Competitive College Preparatory, Level III - College Preparatory. Level placement is primarily based on teacher recommendation.

Math Department Faculty

Bernadette Burns-Sullivan

Bruce Corbett

Jean Darlington

Kristina Evans

Melissa Fearrington

Nathan Fleet

Melissa Leonard

Nicole Levesque

Brenda Long

Sarah Loveland

Matthew Milch

Department Supervisor

Janice O'Donnell

Morgan Pellecchia

Jacqueline Petrella

District Mathematics Coordinator

Kevin Snyder

Betsey Zackeo

Music & Performing Arts

Music & Performing Arts Department Faculty

Lisa Abel

Ken Fischer

Ryan Ford

Angela Griffin

Department Supervisor

Michael Hunter

Performing Arts Technical Director

Colleen Thompson


Stuart Younse

Physical Education and Wellness

Physical Education and Wellness

The Physical Education and Wellness program has been created based upon the SHAPE America and National Health Standards. Through a variety of different units, students will receive instruction that focuses on the core concepts of accessing health information, self-management of healthy behaviors, analyzing internal and external influences, communication skills, decision-making, goal-setting skills, and advocacy. In addition, students participate in lifetime fitness and team-related activities that encourage communication, sportsmanship, teamwork, diversity, and leadership skills. This wide variety of experiences offered is designed to allow each student the opportunity to experience activities that would benefit him/her in the present and in the future.

The Physical Education and Wellness courses fulfill graduation requirements for PE and Health. Students with medical excuses are still responsible for fulfilling their physical education and wellness requirement. Students who are removed from class due to a medical reason that cannot be addressed through modification of activities will make up their requirement at another time.

All Physical Education and Wellness courses are graded and count towards GPA and honor roll.

Physical Education and Wellness Department Faculty

Christopher Cannata

Pamela Hammersmith

Amy Muska

K-12 Department Supervisor

Brian O'Gara

Jane Palmer

Unified Wellness

Danielle Sparks

Office Staff

Office Staff

Cindy Barall

Secretary to Assistant Principal

Lori Brandt

Secretary to Assistant Principal

Bette Christian


Christy Ferro


Liz Keppel


Carol Mitchell

Secretary to Principal

Anne Poon

Gayle Simon

Secretary to Assistant Principal

Denise Smedick

Office Manager

Carole Twohig

Adm. Asst. to Music Dept.

Jody Winschel

Attendance Secretary

School Counseling

Go to School Counseling website

The Simsbury 9-12 Comprehensive School Counseling Program is essential for the well-being of students in our community. It advocates for all students in their development of academic, career, and personal/social needs. The program is based on the premise that all students experience general stages of growth and development and have age-appropriate developmental tasks to accomplish. In this ever-changing society, the School Counseling program encourages the development of personal responsibility as capable citizens, productive workers, and lifelong learners.

Simsbury’s Comprehensive School Counseling Program is designed to provide intervention with a proactive and preventative approach to all students in grades 9-12. The program consists of a planned, sequential School Counseling curriculum, individual planning, responsive services, and system support.

School counselors are available to students and parents for issues concerning academics, educational plans, career plans, and personal problems. Counselors listen and discuss the possible ways to handle issues. The counselors adhere to confidentiality. This applies to the information gathered from student discussions as well as students’ records. However, when a student is at risk of harming him/herself or hurting others, parents and other support staff are informed.

Students are assigned to a counselor in alphabetical order according to the student’s last name. Every effort is made to have students assigned to the same counselor(s) for all four years.

Students may initiate a conference with their counselor by emailing their counselor requesting a specific date and time. Counselors will confirm the meeting by replying to the student’s email. Parents may also request conferences by emailing the counselor. If assistance is needed in setting up appointments, please call the School Counseling Office. Counselors will also initiate conferences with students and parents. Parents are urged to make appointments with the counselor when questions or concerns develop.

School Counseling Department Staff

Jennifer Belliveau


Donna Cannon

Ingrid Coloske


Paula Garza

Carla MacNeil

Jane Ellen Peregrin


Pamela Sickinger

Gregory Stillman

Victor Terranova

Long-Term Substitute

Amanda Tornaquindici

Sandra Vollaro


The Science Department strives to incorporate the most current pedagogy while presenting fundamental science concepts. Many courses emphasize the process of science or the lab approach. In these courses, students are introduced to science concepts through the lab process. In Advanced Placement courses, the content is emphasized and reinforced in the lab.

The sequence and variety of the courses offered allows students to select fields of science which meet their needs and interests and also enables them to utilize the skills and concepts acquired in previous courses.

The two levels of the Science courses are: Level I - Honors or Advanced Placement, Level II - Competitive College Preparatory. Level placement is primarily based on teacher recommendation.

Science Department Faculty

Robert Avery

Barbara Barker

Keith Berthiaume

Roseann Calandro

Michael Catanese


Caroline Ferreira

Heather Golden

Department Supervisor

Keirsten Huttig Williams

Phil Isner

Meredith Jacob

Petra Jaeckle-Baldwin

Susan Kosinski

Elaine Kotler

Brian Lombardo

William McCooey


Jenna Nalband

Linda Pirek

Jaime Skiba


Denise Temperilli

Kiel Webster


Social Studies

Simsbury High School seeks to provide every student with a rich and challenging education in social studies. Students research and explore a core set of social studies themes as they are challenged to become critical, ethical, and creative thinkers. Through the study of civics, history, geography, economics, and the social sciences, students acquire skills and knowledge essential to understanding and applying those fields in their daily lives. As a result, students leave Simsbury Public Schools as life-long learners who appreciate the past, understand the present, and are prepared for the future.

The two levels of the Social Studies courses are: Level I - Honors or Advanced Placement, Level II - Competitive College Preparatory. (Level placement is primarily based on teacher recommendation.)

All students must have 1 credit of United States History and 1/2 credit of Civics.

Social Studies Department Faculty

Brent Bette

Jennifer Bombard

Richard Curtiss


Christina deVecchis

Peter Evans

Susan Gesualdi

Robert Jeffers

James Martocchio

Megan McGrath

Social Studies Teacher/SAC Tutor

Elizabeth McKay

Jeff Osborne

Grantland Rogers

Melissa Russell

Steven Turgeon

Eric Weinbach

Special Services

Go to the District Special Services Page

The Department of Special Services offers a comprehensive spectrum of services at Simsbury High School to include academic, counseling, and related services supports. Such services are determined collaboratively through the Planning and Placement Team (PPT) process. Questions or comments about Special Services should be directed to the department supervisor for special services. Special education services are designed to meet the individual needs of the student and are offered on a continuum from part-time placement to full-time placement. The goal for all servicing is to increase academic success, which is augmented by consultation with other SHS staff members.

The Simsbury High School Department of Special Services includes the following staff members:

  • Educational Support Specialists and Instructional Paraeducators
  • Transition Coordinator
  • Speech/Language Pathologist
  • School Psychologists
  • School Social Worker

Special Services Department Staff

1 2 > showing 1 - 20 of 32 constituents

Frances Anderson

Secretary, Farmington Valley Transition Academy
Special Services

Bridget Annulli

Transition Coordinator
Special Services

Regina Battaglia

Special Services

Daniel Bergman

Special Services

Meredith Brockbank

Special Services, Social Worker

Ellyn Carrington

Special Services

Deborah Cervas

Inclusion Consulting Teacher, System-wide
Special Services

Jodie Conant

Special Services

Nicole Cormier

Special Services

Catherine Ernst

Special Services, Psychologist

Christy Ferro

Special Services, Office Staff

Kristine Golden

Social Worker, Department Supervisor for Related Services
Special Services

Alaina Haley

Special Services

Diane Juzba

CREC Secondary Behavior Specialist 7-12
Special Services

Katherine Krasula

Department Supervisor, Long Term Substitute Nancy Schnyer
Special Services

Kim Lawlor

Special Services, Psychologist

Megan McGrath

Social Studies Teacher/SAC Tutor
Special Services, Social Studies

Melissa McGuigan

Occupational Therapist
Special Services

Lauren McKeown

Speech & Language Pathologist, Special Services

Annette Minella

Special Services, Assistive Technology, Instructional Coaching Network

Technology and Engineering

The Technology and Engineering program is open to all students in grades nine through twelve. The purpose of the Technology and Engineering curriculum is to provide students with an opportunity to develop the 21st century skills needed to become productive members of our technological society. Students are encouraged to explore and develop individual interests as well as creative and intellectual abilities related to technological careers, problem solving, and the design method. Technology and Engineering articulates five specific strands. Students in grade nine are encouraged to explore introductory courses in multiple strands.

Students wishing to receive Level I credit or complete an independent study must complete the approved application process established by the department. See the department supervisor for more information.

Technology & Engineering Faculty

Technology & Engineering Department Faculty

Andrew Bakulski

Technology Education

Kurt Dougan

Technology Education, Engineering

Wendy Ku

CTE Department Supervisor
Technology Education, Engineering

David Salonia


Daniel Warner

Technology Education

Project Lead the Way

Because our Project Lead The Way program has been reviewed and granted certification by the University of New Haven, a PLTW National Affiliate University, students have the opportunity to receive college credit from participating colleges and universities throughout the country.

Students may receive the following course equivalent credits through the University of New Haven:

  • Introduction to Engineering Design (IED) for UNH ME101 (2 semester Credits)
  • Digital Electronics (DE)for UNH EE155 (3 semester Credits)
  • Principles of Engineering (POE) for UNH EAS107 (3 semester Credits)
  • Engineering Design and Development (EDD) for UNH EAS109 (2 semester Credits)

Eligibility and the process are outlined below:

  1. Students must meet the college credit eligibility requirements. For IED, POE, and DE, students must receive a C or better on the final PLTW course exam and have a 70% or better grade for the class. For EDD, students must receive a 70% or better grade for the class (there isn't a PLTW final exam) and must have previously qualified for college credit for IED and POE.
  2. Students must apply for credit from UNH by December of the year that they took the course (students who took a course in 2016-17 have until December 30th to register for credit).
  3. Students requesting undergraduate credit from UNH should visit the UNH-PLTW website for Students and Parents. Use the link below for the Registration Form.

Informational letters from University of New Haven

Parent/Guardian and Student Letter

Registration form

FIRST Robotics

World Language

The World Language Connection (Summer 2017 issue)

The World Language Connection was honored in 2011-2012 for a CABE Excellence in Educational Communications award

Newsletter Archives

Communicating in another language is of paramount importance in today’s workplace, both nationally and internationally. Courses in Chinese, French, Latin, and Spanish are available to all students. Grouping in the World Languages Department is designed so that each student may develop communication skills at an appropriate pace and level. Placement within these groups is based upon the student’s demonstrated performance in class, formative and proficiency assessments, and teacher evaluation of each student’s ability and potential. Instruction in world language classes is conducted in the target language to the greatest extent possible.

World Language Department Faculty

Kathryn Christolini


Stephanie Duchesneau

Department Supervisor

Heather Duran


Raquel Martinez


Amanda McCusker


Martha O'Rourke

Kara Petras


Sophia Riel


Janice Sands

Lina Taweh


Laura Tinnirella


Judith Trout

Amy Watts

School: ext. 832

Jessica Wellington


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