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SHS Pinnacle Yearbook


Yearbook Advisors: Doug Nielson, Lina Ascazubi and Sara Averill 



Superlatives for Class of 2022


Superlative voting will be conducted in the spring, so please check back!



Order Your Yearbook

Yearbooks may be ordered online or bring a check to the main office for $100 ($94.03 ea. + CT sales tax 6.35% [$5.97 ea.] = $100 total) payable to SHS Pinnacle Yearbook. Quantities are limited, so order as soon as you can! Thank you for your support!

~The Yearbook Staff



Community Photo Upload Feature

Click on graphic below to submit photos for the Class of 2022 Pinnacle Yearbook.

Community Upload

access code

SHARE YOUR SPECIAL SHS PHOTOS WITH THE 2021-2022 YEARBOOK STAFF! Do you have photos that you would like to see featured in the Yearbook? Whether your photos are regarding SHS sports, performing arts, clubs, activities, or events or just a special candid moment, the Yearbook Staff invites you to share them at the link below. Instructions:

  1. Click on the graphic above
  2. Enter Simsbury at the prompt
  3. Click on Simsbury High School
  4. Click on Community Upload (top of page)
  5. Enter access code: trojans (lower case)
  6. Select the target upload folder: Yearbook Special Requests
  7. Follow instructions to upload up to 10 photos at a time