SHS Pinnacle Yearbook


Yearbook Advisors: Mr. Nielson and Mr. Jeffers



Class of 2020 Seniors

The senior quote submission deadline has now expired. If you still want a to submit a senior quote, please talk to Mr. Nielson in room # 117.

Thank you.

- The Yearbook Staff

Submit Your Senior Quote


***The senior quote submission deadline has now expired. If you still want a to submit a senior quote, please talk to Mr. Nielson in room # 117.**

Your Senior Quote will be printed under your Senior Portrait in the Yearbook.  Your quote is limited to 180 characters.  If you wish, you may also submit your quote manually.  Forms are available from Mr. Nielson’s  room # 117.

Submit My Senior Quote (link currently inactive)


Questions? Mr. Nielson Room # 117 or Mr. Jeffers 

Thank You!

– The Yearbook Staff
“We Print Your Legacy”

Submit Your Baby Photo, Shoutouts and Activity Statement

Please follow these guidelines when submitting your Senior Submissions.


Shoutout & Activity Statement Length:  Shoutouts and Activity Statements combined can be no more than 180 characters (spaces included).  

Shoutout Example:  “Thanks Mom & Dad for all your support!”

Activity Statement Example:  Football 9,10,11; FBLA 10,11,12; Key Club 9,10

Baby Photo:  Your baby photo (or favorite childhood photo) must be in JPG or PNG format and at least 300 kb in size.

* * *

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: PLEASE NAME YOUR FILE:  Lastname Firstname.jpg Example: Smith John.jpg  This will speed processing and ensure accuracy!

* * *

Note:  If you do not have a digital photo, the Yearbook Staff can scan your hard copy. Please place your photo in an envelope. Write your name on the envelope and bring to room # 117. Photos will gladly be returned.

Communicating an Appropriate Message

The SHS Pinnacle Yearbook is a historical record of your Simsbury High School experience. Its content will be referenced by the Simsbury community for decades to come. The Baby Photo layout section is a classic, collective statement that will directly reflect the character of your Class of 2019.  The Yearbook Staff therefore will not accept any shoutout, or activity statement that would be considered inappropriate based upon Simsbury High School’s Trojan Code.  Any shoutouts, or activity statements that contain unsuitable messaging (e.g. inappropriate language; acronyms, hidden meanings; or any references to drugs, alcohol, sex, hate speech, discrimination, bullying, or harassment) will not be printed.  Final judgment on the appropriateness of language or quotes is up to the school administration. If your submission is rejected by the Yearbook Staff for any of these reasons, you will have just one additional opportunity to re-submit a submission that is appropriate and acceptable.  

Managing Editors:

Aminah Carrington and Anna Cestone

Yearbook Co-Advisors:

Douglas NielsonRob Jeffers

Superlatives for Class of 2020


Superlative voting will open in the spring for the Class of 2020.



Order Your Yearbook


Yearbooks may be ordered online or bring a check to the main office for $100 ($94.03 ea. + CT sales tax 6.35% [$5.97 ea.] = $100 total) payable to SHS Pinnacle Yearbook. Quantities are limited, so order as soon as you can! Thank you for your support!

~The Yearbook Staff



Community Photo Upload Feature

Click on graphic below to submit photos for the Class of 2020 Pinnacle Yearbook.

Community Upload

access code

SHARE YOUR SPECIAL SHS PHOTOS WITH THE 2019-2020 YEARBOOK STAFF! Do you have photos that you would like to see featured in the Yearbook? Whether your photos are regarding SHS sports, performing arts, clubs, activities, or events or just a special candid moment, the Yearbook Staff invites you to share them at the link below. Instructions:

  1. Click on the graphic above
  2. Enter Simsbury at the prompt
  3. Click on Simsbury High School
  4. Click on Community Upload (top of page)
  5. Enter access code: trojans (lower case)
  6. Select the target upload folder: Yearbook Special Requests
  7. Follow instructions to upload up to 10 photos at a time