Cyber Security Club

Cyberpatriot National Youth Education Program

The battles of the next century will be fought online.  According to the Department of Homeland
Security, approximately $11.4 million are lost to hackers every minute, elections are being
compromised, and user privacy is being eroded. Our nation has desperate need for Cyber Security

The Cyber Security Club aims to combat these threats by training members to diagnose and remediate vulnerabilities in a variety of operating systems. From blocking viruses to managing effective group policy, our members learn the skills that will help companies and our nation protect itself from cyber threats and espionage. 

Members compete in the CyberPatriot competition, the premier nationwide Cybersecurity competition for high schoolers, which is widely respected by cyber security experts and colleges. Our meetings will consist of going over presentations and using virtual machines to practice finding vulnerabilities in order to prepare for the competition.

To see more information about the Cyber Security challenges our country is responding to, and the data used for this website, go to the Homeland Security website.

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