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Below is a list of extracurricular clubs and activities that are active this year. A hyperlink indicates that the club has a website. Daily announcements offer news about organizational and regular meetings. For more specific information regarding these organizations, please contact the faculty advisor or the Athletics and Student Activities Office.

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Get involved! Your participation in extracurricular activities will enrich your high school experience and positively contribute to our school culture.


Here are all our extracurricular opportunities!

Clubs & Activities

ANIME CLUB – Mr. Hunter
Anime is a style of animation developed in Japan, characterized by colorful, extraordinary art taking place in settings that are “unbelievable.” Students get together and discuss what anime they like and dislike and also evaluate anime based on the story-line, voice-overs, humor and other attributes of an anime. Mangas, or Japanese comic books, are exchanged. Students draw their own anime characters and give each other anime names from their favorite series.

The Aspiring Writers Association is dedicated to the creation of literature, with a focus on fiction and poetry. Members will write and get help with improving their work, editing and brainstorming with other members. Members will participate in creative exercises and have a chance to share their written works.

This club focuses on developing one-on-one friendships between typically developing students and students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Planned group activities may take place in school or an alternative setting (bowling, out to lunch, movies, etc.). The club will meet twice a month after school and once a month for group activities.

CHESS CLUB – Mr. Fleet
This club involves both casual games with friends and competitors with professional instruction to help in the development of every member’s chess skills. The club, while providing a wide variety of new opponents, is a great way to make new friends and have a good time. Come check us out some time; we accept players of all skill levels.

The Chinese Club is organized to allow students to spend time with other students who have an interest in the Chinese language and culture. Activities include attending Chinese films, going shopping in a Chinese supermarket, playing Chinese board games, celebrating Chinese festivals, and after school cooking fun.

CONNECT 4 CANCER – Ms. Bombard
Connect 4 Cancer club will work with a pediatric oncology office and help support children that are being treated for cancer. The club will plan donation drives and create other opportunities to support the children and their families.

The Culinary Arts Club provides students with additional time to improve their cooking skills and even learn how to cook new foods! The club will meet after school once a week in the culinary room.

DEBATE TEAM – Mr. Leftoff
The Simsbury High School Debate Team provides students with opportunities to demonstrate, practice, and improve their speaking skills through extemporaneous debate. During weekly practice, students learn the elements of debate and engage in practice debates with other Simsbury students. During the fall and winter months, students also have the opportunity to compete at Connecticut Debate Association tournaments throughout the state. All debate topics arise from current domestic and international controversies.

Earth’s Advocates is an environmental club dedicated to helping the earth. The club does various activities such as fundraising for environmental causes and volunteering at coastal and local cleanups. Everyone is welcome and together they work to make a difference.

FIRST ROBOTICSMr. Dougan, Ms. Lytwynec
FIRST Robotics Competition, For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology, (FRC), is an exciting multinational competition to promote student interest in the dynamic and creative area of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Student teams are mentored by practicing engineers, business people, teachers and other established FIRST teams. In FRC, students take on various roles in the design and building of a robot, as well as fundraising, marketing, and community outreach. One of the community outreach opportunities is serving as a mentor for the FIRST Lego teams starting up in the elementary schools, incorporating teamwork, leadership, and professionalism.

Students will learn the basics of fishing, including casting, best baits/lures to use, and of course safety instructions. Weekly meetings will include information, practice and learning about upcoming events.  The club will be working on plans to enter fly fishing tournaments. The goal of the club is introduce all students to the beauty of the sport! 

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is a national organization for students in grades 9 - 12 interested in business and finance. Goals include developing character; creating interest/understanding in business; and encouraging efficient money management. Participation in this extra-curricular activity includes two meetings a month (before school and evenings) as well as involvement in civic, community, and fund-raising events. A highlight of FBLA is attending the State and National Leadership Conference. The members of FBLA operate the School Store.

GAMING CLUB – Mr. Hunter
The Gaming Club is a great way to get together with other students and play various card and board games. This year we played a lot of Magic the Gathering, but the choice of games played is made by the club. The club meets once a week after school.

The Horticulture Club works on beautifying our school and the courtyard area in addition to learning about plants and landscaping design. We'll be working on plans for the school's landscaping.

Greets and Treats works on creating connections with elders in our community. The club believes that senior citizens often go unrecognized and truly do need a form of communication, especially with youth. The goal of the club is to create those connections with youth and seniors by playing games, doing crafts, and talking over a treat! This club will help encourage students to have face-to-face interactions with people in our community, as skill that will help them throughout their lifetime.

GSA (Gender-Sexuality Alliance) Dr. Younse
The Gender-Sexuality Alliance is a club that discusses current events around the world where LGBT equality has materialized in culture and politics. GSA also provides a safe, non-judgmental space for all who join. This club is for anyone who supports and would take pride in promoting the GSA club and LGBT equality.

This is a club dedicated to helping the homeless with basic needs. They organize collections for items like clothing and bath supplies. The club also plans volunteer trips to local soup kitchens to prepare and serve meals.

The Key Club is an international organization that is dedicated to helping others and serving the community. As the largest high school service club in the world, the Key Club gives students a variety of opportunities to build character, develop leadership skills, and provide service. At SHS, we hope to establish a presence at the school where we can make a difference in the classroom as well as outside the classroom. In the local community, we hope to connect with other service organizations to volunteer together.

MATH LEAGUE – Ms. Loveland
This club is composed of a group of students who enjoy doing mathematical problems for fun – and open to all students. Simsbury's Math League competes in the Capital Area Math League, which is composed of twenty-four area schools. The group competes six times a year ending the season with a banquet in May.

The Mindfulness Club is for anyone interested in learning about mindfulness and stress reduction. Students have an opportunity to try mindfulness techniques and discuss their own experiences.

The purpose of this club is to provide students with an opportunity to experience a courtroom setting and gain knowledge of courtroom proceedings. Students are given an actual court case to prepare and they must argue the case from the points of view of the plaintiff/prosecution as well as the defendant. In the winter, students participate in an annual state competition held at the Hartford Superior Court. The team meets after school or in evenings once a week from October - March.

MODEL UN – Mr. Turgeon
The Simsbury High School Model United Nations provides students with the opportunity to review and interpret modern global issues from international perspectives. Weekly meetings throughout the fall session allow students to discover and evaluate current events across a range of topics and viewpoints. This includes a trip to New York City to visit the UN and speak with mission delegates of selected countries. Students then write resolutions, assuming the perspectives of those counties. In the winter, resolutions are represented and debated in a two-day mock United Nations session among hundreds of other Model UN participants from across Connecticut.

MURAL CLUB – Mr. Holzman
Mural Club is dedicated to filling SHS will color and beauty. The group will design and create murals in various locations throughout the school. The club meets after school once a week.

All students are invited to participate in the design and development of the Pinnacle yearbook. Though upperclassmen are usually assigned to leadership roles and editorial positions, this is a wonderful opportunity for others to learn about all aspects of the production and publishing of the yearbook. Students who have an interest in writing, editing, advertising, marketing, graphic design, and photography are encouraged to become a part of the yearbook team!

We are a registered nonprofit organization intent on raising money to purchase technology for underprivileged children. Last year, we raised $10,000 and donated 25 computers to children in the town of Kuravilangad, India! This year, we're raising money to purchase iPads for students in Hartford Public schools. Join to support the cause!

Scholars Helping Seniors is a club that visits the residents of the McLean home in Simsbury to socialize and play games and make someone smile! We meet twice a month, once to plan our visits, discuss fundraisers and other ideas and once to visit the McLean Home.

In Science Club we will explore, discuss and do hands-on activities related to biology, physics and chemistry. There will be opportunities to plan future participation in events like the Science Bowl, Science Olympiad and maybe even host a Science Fair at SHS!

Search for a Cure is a club focused on raising awareness of all types of cancers around our school and community. We will have volunteer opportunities and come up with fundraising ideas. We will be working with and raising money for the American Cancer Society. We will meet the first and third Thursday of each month after school.

Simsbury Unite! works to break down the barriers between students that have diverse interests. Our goal is to foster the opportunity for students to meet and hang out, students that might not meet one another otherwise. Some of our possible activities are watching movies, game night, attending athletic events and community service.

The Spanish Club is for students of all grades who wish to further explore the cultures related to Spanish-speaking countries. We meet approximately once a month to practice our Spanish, make crafts, prepare and eat foods, listen to music, sing, watch movies, or organize service projects - all related to Spanish speakers around the world and at home.

In the Stock Market Club, students engage in an interschool competition where they need to manage a virtual portfolio. During the year, the group meets to discuss trading strategies that help them during this process. The markets are fickle, challenging, but lucrative. There is no substitute for experience.

S.T.O.R.M. discusses current political and moral issues that deeply affect the minority communities across the country. Students will meet once a month to discuss strategies that can be implemented to bring about better understanding among divers and homogenous communities. The club will meet on Wednesdays from 2:30-3:30 PM.

Student Council is a group of student leaders that acts as a resource for the student body and the administration for any student concerns and ideas. This organization will give students experiences practicing leadership skills, planning events, and working with school and community members to make Simsbury High School the best it can be for students. In addition to the executive officers of the Council, Student Council is composed of the executive officers of all four classes (grades 9 - 12) as well as six elected representatives from each class. All of these positions are elected by the student body. This group is responsible for special events, service projects, school climate surveys, school spirit activities, and any other activities of interest to the student body.

STUDENTS OF FAITH – Ms. Henry and Ms. Ecker
Students meet weekly to encourage one another in faith and gain a better understanding of what it means to be a follower of God.

TED-ED CLUB – Mr. Curtiss
TED has a branch of their organization called TED-ED. In this club, there is a set curriculum that is very flexible. We will be learning the process of how to create a TED talk! The club will represent Simsbury in the national club and connect online with other clubs. Our goal is to find our passions, create "bid ideas" and share them with the community.

THE TROJAN WALL – Ms. Pellecchia
This group is a student "spirit group," established to generate positive spirit and support for teams and activities within the SHS school community. All students are welcome to join and become active participants in SHS student life!

The Women’s Empowerment Club (formerly SAGE) strives to improve the school climate, raise awareness of women’s social and political issues, and promote activism.

This club helps educate members about the different physical and mental impact war has on veterans and how different charities, like WWP, Fisher House, etc. help aid in the recovery of the vets. Our big event is a bake sale benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project on Memorial Day. We plan to bring in guest speakers at meetings, like wounded vets, to tell their story; bring in representatives from WWP and Fisher House; as well as conduct other fundraisers to benefit different veteran charities.

The primary mission of the Young Republicans is to share, promote and spread the message of the Republican Party. The club meets weekly and holds discussions and meetings about various political topics.

Club Sports

DODGEBALL – Mr. Weinbach
Dodgeball is played twice a week in the spring. Teams of 6 – 10 students play a regular season, tournament, and championship games.

FENCING – Ms. Saunders and Mr. Palmer
Fencing is a unique sport based on the traditional European rules of dueling in which two competitors face off on a fencing strip. Using the foil both offensively and defensively, the fencer tries to score points on their opponent while protecting their target areas. Fencing is a co-ed, winter club sport. Practices prepare fencers by developing the art and skills of fencing. The team participates in several competitions throughout the season.

UNIFIED SPORTS® – Ms. Bulmer and Mr. Spector
Unified Sports® is a registered program of Special Olympics that combines approximately equal numbers of athletes with and without intellectual disability on sports teams for training and competition. All Unified Sports® players, both athletes and special partners, are of similar age and matched sport skill ability. Unified Sports® teams are placed in competitive divisions based on their skill abilities, and range from training divisions (with a skill-learning focus) to high level competition. The Simsbury High School unified sports program is a co-ed team that participates in three sports during the course of the year . . . soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter, and volleyball in the spring. The team practices one day per week and competes at various tournaments throughout the school year. Check out the SHS Unified Sports website for more information!


String students will learn to play high-powered Gypsy Jazz music. The club is open to SHS strings: Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass and Acoustic Guitar. This is an opportunity for string players to play jazz and jam! Led by Mr. Luke Nelson, director of the SHS Jazz Band, the club will meet on Monday’s at HJMS from 7:30-8:30 PM. Please bring your instrument.

S.T.U.M.P.A. (Serving to Unite Musical Performing Arts) - Mr. Ford
The goal of S.T.U.M.P.A. is to go out into the community and perform music for everyone to enjoy. There will be performance venues at various retirement homes around Simsbury and some restaurants as well. Members meet together in a performance-like setting after school, where students will perform in front of their peers and receive critical feedback. This is especially helpful for recital or audition pieces. All students that are taking or have taken band, orchestra or chorus are welcome to join. As an added bonus, refreshments will be provided!


For information about other extracurricular music offerings at SHS, please check out Music & Performing Arts!

Angela Griffin, Director
Carole Twohig, Department Secretary


Honor Societies

Students are invited to join these honor associations based upon attainment of specific criteria related to each organization.

The Chinese Club is affiliated with the Chinese Language Association of Secondary Schools (CLASS) and promotes and recognizes students who demonstrate citizenship, leadership, and community service. 

The French National Honor Society is affiliated with the American Association of Teachers of French and is dedicated to the promotion of the French language and culture through music, film, food and activities. Club members offer tutoring in French for other students at SHS.

The International Thespian Society is an international honor society, founded in 1928, to recognize excellence in high school theatre. Students must earn points through participation in the theatre department in order to be inducted into the society. The group sponsors workshops, social events, and service events for the Simsbury High School theatre community. For more specific information, please contact Dr. Younse.

This society is for sophomores, juniors, and seniors who have and maintain an 85 or above average in their art classes. Student responsibilities include: posters, assisting teachers in art related areas, set up and take down of the Art Show. There are several fund raising events to benefit a National Art Honor Society senior who is pursuing a career in art. Students will attend weekly/biweekly meetings directly after school.

The National Business Honor Society recognizes outstanding junior and senior students who have completed or are enrolled in their third business course and have a 3.0 GPA overall, and a 3.5 GPA in completed business courses. Students accepted for membership are honored at an induction ceremony in the fall and complete a service learning project during the school year.

If a junior has a G.P.A. of 3.7 and the members of the faculty deem his/her qualities of character, leadership, and service to be outstanding, then that student is invited to become a member. National Honor Society is primarily a service organization. Members tutor students with academic difficulties, organize a blood drive for the Red Cross, and provide service to the SHS community as requested. Members raise money for local scholarships and for a variety of charitable causes including cancer, Cystic Fibrosis, and local food banks. 2017-18 NHS meetings calendar

The National Junior Classical League Latin Honor Society will be open yearly to juniors and seniors in Latin 3, 4 and 5 who meet the following requirements: 1) an 89.5% average or better in current Latin course, 2) are members in good standing of the school's chapter of the NJCL, and 3) exemplify good citizenship. Members will participate in activities such as tutoring Latin students and assisting with the Connecticut State Latin Day.

SPANISH NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY - Ms. Wellington and Ms. McCusker
The Spanish National Honor Society recognizes high achievement in Spanish by the students of Simsbury High School and supports continuity of interest in Hispanic studies.

Tri-M is an international Music Honor Society. It is comprised of students from 10th, 11th, and 12th grades who are actively involved in choir, orchestra, band or jazz ensemble. Students are nominated based on criteria set by the school's local charter and the international Tri-M board of MENC. The group is active in community as well as music services and is a forum of unification of the entire high school music program.


For information about theater programs at SHS, please check out Music & Performing Arts!


FALL ONE ACTS – Dr. Younse

The Fall One Act Festival, held every school year in late October, is a professionally judged competition of one act plays. Several plays are directed by seniors, each with a cast that contains a particular grade level (9 – 12). This creates an excellent opportunity for 9th grade students to get involved and be on stage in major roles just a few months into their time at the high school. All plays perform on the same day and professionals from the theater works adjudicate and provide feedback and awards to the students. Auditions usually happen the second week of school. This is a great way to get to know the theater program at SHS.

The Winter Musical is a major stage show that begins rehearsals in November and performs in February. The show is an elaborate, intense experience, which usually includes a cast of at least 50 actors, a sizeable number of musicians in the orchestra, and several students working behind the scenes to create an incredible and memorable show. Past shows include Les Miserables, Annie, and West Side Story. This year’s show will be announced during the fall. It is a great way to gain experience and practice with acting, singing, and dancing.

SPRING PLAY – Dr. Younse
The Spring Play is the final production of the Theater Program each year. It begins rehearsals in March and performs during the month of May. Over time, the shows will expose students to a wide variety of styles and let them experience many different kinds of theater. Students can gain practical acting experience and be a part of a fun and intense production. Shows in previous years included The Laramie Project, A Midsummer’s Night Dream, and The Crucible. This year’s show will be announced during the winter months. Casts always include students from every grade level.

UNIFIED THEATER – Ms. Flowers and Ms. Starr
Unified Theater is a student-led program that brings students together to write, rehearse and perform an original theater piece. The goal is for the students to facilitate inclusion through the arts and to give all students the opportunity to learn from one another. The group includes students of all abilities, interests, and backgrounds and is flexible to different students’ needs. All students are welcome to participate as actors, singers, dancers, writers, directors, technicians and artists.