2023 SHS Student athletes at Next Level Signing Ceremony

NCAA Information

NCAA Eligibility Center Webinar:
Understanding Initial-Eligibility Standards

The link below will take you to a one-hour webinar conducted by the NCAA Eligibility Center's staff. In this webinar, NCAA Staff discussed requirements student-athletes must know to be eligible to play Division I or II sports. A question-and-answer session was held at the end of the event, with Eligibility Center staff on hand to answer submitted questions. 

Click the link to watch the recording:

If you have or receive any questions, feel free to contact  Amber Viles with the NCAA Eligibility Center by email at aviles@ncaa.org.

SHS NCAA Night Presentation

Greg Stillman, Director of School Counseling and Jeff Pinney, Director of Athletics & Student Activities, hosted an NCAA Information Night on November 30, 2022. You can view the presentation if you weren't able to attend.

If you have any questions about playing sports at the college level, please speak with your student's counselor. 

For questions about the presentation, you can contact Greg Stillman at 860-658-0451 x446 or Jeff Pinney at 860-658-0451 x190.


NCAA Eligibility Center COVID-19 Response

The CIAC has been communicating with the NCAA eligibility center to understand how initial student-athlete eligibility may be impacted by COVID-19.  The NCAA has been very responsive and has published the NCAA Eligibility Center COVID-19 Response FAQs  (link currently unavailable)  to to learn more about their response to COVID-19.


If you are Interested in playing college sports, the NCAA Eligibility website has a lot of interesting information. This website was designed by the NCAA to help high school student-athletes successfully transition to college. It includes general information about Division I, II and III and provides a broad look at the initial eligibility process.

What is the NCAA Eligibility Center? The Eligibility Center reviews prospective student-athletes to ensure they meet certain academic and amateurism standards. All student-athletes intending to play NCAA Division I or II sports need to register with the Eligibility Center. Students should register in sophomore or junior year. Student-athletes planning to participate in NCAA Division III or club/intramural sports do not need to register.

Please Visit the NCAA website for more Educational Resources.

The following resources are designed for high school student-athletes, parents, coaches and other who help students successfully navigate the initial-eligibility process.

Some of the available resources are:

Other Reference Information websites

For more information about playing sports in college, talk to your counselor!!