Facilities Study












Goals of the Project

  • Identify and evaluate energy savings improvements, and prepare a life cycle cost analysis for major energy using facilities
  • Collect and analyze existing conditions and educational needs for each school
  • Develop a capital improvement and maintenance plan for the buildings for the next 10 years
  • Provide a sustainable approach to address facility and educational needs over 10 years
  • Develop demographic projections for the district
  • Develop alternative configurations for the district
  • Engage community, solicit feedback and comment, and explore responsive solutions
  • Develop a long range master plan for the district
  • Prepare a description of possible building space reuse to economically meet future community needs
  • Prioritize improvements based on conditions, current laws, future space needs and code requirements

Work Completed

Existing Conditions – The design team, inclusive of architects, civil engineers, and building systems (MEP) engineers conducted thorough walkthroughs of each school to determine the condition of the existing buildings and sites. The team has documented these conditions and ranked each in categories ranging from (1) requiring prompt attention to (5) good condition.

Demographics Projections – Reviewed population, housing and enrollment trends to project future districtwide needs for Simsbury Public Schools.

Programmatic Discussions – Stakeholder interviews and walkthrough of facilities were completed in March and April of this year to determine the impact of the physical environment on education. Current and future needs have been outlined for each of Simsbury’s public schools to prepare recommendations to remediate deficiencies.

Future Work

Conceptual Design Options – Develop a series of options to resolve age and condition concerns, student enrollment and capacity, and programmatic needs identified. Options may include – additions and renovations, a new school(s), demolition or repurpose of existing, and/or any combination thereof. The options will include narrative, statistical information, conceptual site plans, order of magnitude cost estimates, pros/cons and projected schedule.

Finalize Master Plan – Identify and prioritize capital and annual maintenance projects, schedule and costs. Assemble final report with all appendices for submission to the town.

Public Information – Assist, support and attend presentations, forums and meetings to communicate our findings and proposed recommendations.

Timeline for Next Steps



Master Project Schedule


Ongoing Presentations

District Leadership Meetings

  • Meeting Dates: 3rd Wednesday each month, BOE offices


  • Review of existing conditions, June 5th

June 5, 2019 Public Forum

Tecton Presentation (20:14-1:49)

Comments? Questions?

Send us an email to let us know what you think or if you have any questions about the plan.