Employee Benefits

Employee Attendance                          Personal Day Guidelines

Health Insurance Notice

The Open Enrollment period allows employees to make changes to their medical and dental insurance plans. This is the only time that employees can add members to their plans or change their plan outside of a life changing qualifying event.

  • Rate and plan information along with a simple enrollment form can be found using the “Medical Insurance” tab below.
  • Annual Open Enrollment information can be found using the "Annual Open Enrollment for Medical & Dental" tab below.

For more information, please contact Heather Orosz, Benefits Coordinator at 860-323-8145 or Jen Murphy, Payroll Specialist at 860-323-8141.

The perfect attendance program as established July 1, 1986 provides for earning one-half day off with pay for pre-determined three-month periods of perfect attendance for eligible employees covered by the SFEP, NAME or unaffiliated agreements. Absences for personal leave or vacation leave will not mar perfect attendance; absences for sick leave, suspension or tardiness will mar perfect attendance. If you have had perfect attendance for the recorded period(s), please complete the form below and return it with the appropriate signatures to the Employee Benefits office.

All absences should be entered through the use of the Frontline Absence Management program.  No paper forms are being utilized.  Refer to your school secretary or Cindi Freilinger, Human Resources Coordinator, with questions.

Personal Day Codes/Guidelines

If you have questions regarding attendance records or would like to request an attendance report, e-mail your questions / requests to Heather Orosz, Employee Benefits Coordinator for Simsbury Public Schools.

Questions About Insurance Eligibility or Claims?

If you have questions regarding insurance eligibility or insurance claims, email Heather Orosz, Benefits Coordinator.