SHS LMC Students

Summer Assignments


Simsbury High School English teachers believe that an effective language arts program offers students the opportunity to practice essential skills independently. English teachers hope to encourage lifelong readers within the classroom and beyond its boundaries. Reading over the summer maintains fluency and exercises close-reading skills.

The summer reading material:

  • introduces students to upcoming course themes and concepts.
  • provides a baseline for assessing individual comprehension and analytical skills.
  • allows teachers to begin the year as a community of learners on day one.

Completion of the summer reading work is a requirement for all selected courses.

English Grade 9 - Level 1

English Grade 9 - Level 2

English Grade 10 - Level 1

English Grade 10 - Level 2

English 11 - Level 2

English 11 - Level 2 (The Sculptor's Funeral)

English 11 - Level 2 (William Faulkner “The Bear”)

English 11 - AP English Language and Comp (Into the Wild)



Social Studies

World Languages

AP Capstone Curriculum

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