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Simsbury High School Counseling Office

Welcome to the Simsbury High School School Counseling Department. Simsbury High School is a unique school, rich in tradition and spirit. It is a wonderful environment in which to grow academically, personally, and socially. You will be presented with many new and exciting opportunities to explore areas of interest that will help cultivate this growth. It is the philosophy of the School Counseling Department to encourage and promote this exploration as a means of self-inquiry, and as an important tool in the development of self-awareness. We pride ourselves in understanding how individualized the developmental process is for each student and work hard to encourage choices that will help you question your assumptions, challenge your intellect, and stimulate your creativity.

Through our Student Success Plan, all students will have the opportunity for an enriching high school experience that will set a firm foundation for future success. We also seek to bring your attention to the growing number of educational options that exist Beyond the Walls of SHS, which can serve as both a supplement to our core curriculum and excellent resume building opportunities for those interested in thinking or doing “outside the box”. We encourage you to explore our website and let us know what questions arise as your curiosity is piqued.

The School Counseling Department is a major hub of Simsbury High School and a primary source of information throughout your high school journey. Our goal is to know our students, know our families, and know the opportunities that exist for you. We look forward to a productive partnership with you, and to providing the necessary support and encouragement through these exciting years.

Jane Ellen Peregrin
Director of School Counseling


Counselor Assignments 2016-2017

The following is a list of counselor assignments for this year. To find out who your counselor will be, check the appropriate grade and corresponding alphabetical division of your last name.



A - Cai                                                                  

Amanda Tornaquindici                                                            

Caj - D

Carla MacNeil 

E - Hol 

Paula Garza + Academies

Hom - Man

Sandy Vollaro

Mao - Pi

Donna Cannon

Pj - Sh 

Greg Stillman + ABC

Si - W          

Pam Sickinger

 Y - Z Jane Ellen Peregrin


GRADE 10 - CLASS OF 2019
A - Can

Amanda Tornaquindici

Cas - Fra

Carla MacNeil 

Fri - Ho                   

Paula Garza + Academies

Hu - May

Sandy Vollaro

Maz - Re

Donna Cannon

Ri - Spi + ABC

Greg Stillman + ABC

Spr - Z

Pam Sickinger


GRADE 11 - CLASS OF 2018
A - Ce

Amanda Tornaquindici

Ch - Du

Carla MacNeil 

Dy - Ha + Academies

Paula Garza + Academies

He - Lec

Sandy Vollaro

Leh - O

Donna Cannon

P - Schl + ABC

Greg Stillman + ABC

Schw - Z

Pam Sickinger



GRADE 12 - CLASS OF 2017

A - Carp   

Amanda Tornaquindici        

Carr - Fap             

Carla MacNeil 

Far - Hik + Academies

Paula Garza

Hil - Li

Sandy Vollaro

Lo - Or

Donna Cannon

Os - Ru + ABC

Greg Stillman

Ry - Wh

Pam Sickinger

Wi - Z 

Jane Ellen Peregrin



Contacting the School Counselor

How Do Students Contact Their Counselors?

Students may initiate a meeting with their counselor by emailing them requesting an appointment.

Counslor emails are linked above under counselor assignment. Email addresses contain the

In the e-mail, please include:

  - your full name
  - day/period/time you are available to meet
  - a brief description of what will be discussed (if possible)

An e-mail reply will be sent to you with a scheduled date and time to confirm the appointment.

For urgent situations, you may always come to the counseling office without making an appointment and one of the secretaries will assist you. 

How Do Parents Contact the Counselor?

Parents are urged to make appointments with the counselor when questions or concerns develop. The secretaries will set up appointments as requested. All counselors can be emailed as well.  Email addresses are

Is Privacy of Information Practiced?

Yes. The counselors adhere to confidentiality. This applies to the information gathered from student discussions as well as student records. However, if information is known that a person may cause physical harm to themselves or to others, the staff is required to report the information to the appropriate authorities.

Ways in Which Your School Counselor Can Serve You

The ways in which your counselor may serve you are described below.

Educational Counseling

  1. Assistance is provided to students to choose courses that best suit their interest, ability and career choice
  2. Evening meetings for incoming freshmen and their parents are offered regarding course selection and extracurricular activities.
  3. Counseling is available to students who exhibit academic difficulties. Parents, teachers, and other professionals are included in this process.
  4. Supplemental testing is recommended when needed.
  5. Help is available in locating a student or professional tutor when requested.
  6. Planning and Placement Team meetings are held to plan an educational program, when needed.
  7. Assistance is provided in post high school planning in the following manner:
    • Individual conferences with students
    • Small group conferences with students
    • Grade 11 - evening meeting for parents
    • Grade 12 - evening meeting for parents
    • Counselor meetings with parents and students
  1. During the fall representatives from colleges, business and technical schools, and military visit the school.
  2. An evening meeting for parents in October is provided regarding financial aid for students going on to higher education.
  3. Counselors assist in the local scholarship program.

College and Career Center

  1. Individual and group conferences regarding career planning are held.
  2. Interest inventories such as the "Do What You Are" and the "Career Interest Profile" are used.
  3. Computer software is available to give information regarding up-to-date descriptions of careers and closely related fields and sources of further information.

Personal Counseling

  1. A student may consult with a counselor regarding a personal problem.
  2. Counselors may, at times, meet with groups of students who share common problems.
  3. A counselor is an excellent resource for names of professionals who help meet specific needs of students. These referrals extend to professionals inside and outside of the school system.
  4. Counselors will work with youngsters as they develop their own decision-making skills.
  5. Counselors are available to assist students who feel they have an immediate emotional need.



An extensive ongoing orientation program is provided by counselors. This program includes specific events geared to meet the needs of the following groups as they become a part of the Simsbury High School population:

  • grade 8 students entering Simsbury High School
  • students new to the town of Simsbury
  • parents of students new to Simsbury High School
  • parents of freshmen
  • parents of sophomores

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Student Success Plan

Beyond the Walls of SHS

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