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Population Pyramid Charts/Graphs 

Interpreting Population Data in the Human Population Dynamics Lesson
Select two countries, one developed and one underdeveloped, from those listed courtesy of the U.S. Census Bureau at

  1. Compare and contrast the shapes of the population graphs in 2005 for the developed and underdeveloped countries that you selected.
  2. Compare the changes in populations of both countries from 2005 to those projected to 2025.
    (The above information was provided by the CT State Department of Education)

When you interpret population pyramid graphs/charts

  • refer to the big picture.  Describe the overall trend in population.  If you say the population is increasing, mention by how many thousands or millions or is it doubling or tripling.
  • refer to the data to explain the trend.  The data in the chart is: age, female, male, year, population in numbers. Use specific information (data) from the pyramids to describe the change in  population of both countries   
  • refer to the shape of the pyramids.  Draw conclusions about population changes from changes in the shape of the pyramids.  Remember human beings have different life expectancies but you would expect there to be fewer people age 80 than age 0-4.  The shapes are pyramids.

Example: There will be about 2 million more people in 2025 than in 2000.  There will be more males than females.  Most of the population will be between the ages of 20-24 in 2025. The middle of the pyramid becomes noticeably thicker, indicating that most of the growth will be in ages 49 and under. 

To access population pyramids: 

Click on the U.S. Census Bureau web site.

  • Select a country, scroll to the bottom, click Submit Query.

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