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Essential Question Rubric

An essential question should be about the problem to be solved  and the information needed to solve the problem.

Exceeds Standard

I have thoroughly identified an essential question.

Meets Standard

I have substantially identified an essential question.

Approaches Standard

I have partially identified a an essential question.

Below Standard

I have difficulty identifying an essential question.

Degree:  This rubric measures the degree of your understanding of the essential question.


Example of an essential question:  Was Queen Victoria a successful ruler?
Characteristics of an essential question
Essential questions are:

1.  Open-ended with no right or wrong answer, cannot be answered with a list of facts but requires research.  Answers to essential questions cannot be found.  They must be invented." (St. Andrew's Episcopal School, 8012 Oak Street, New Orleans, La  70118)

2.  Thought-provoking or controversial requiring finding different points of view,
3.  May start with:  Which one? How? Should? Why?     
4.  Cast old ideas in a new light, lead to discovery, engender deeper interest in the subject, and are provocative.    
5.  Involve higher-order thinking skills such as analyze, evaluate, create l
Evaluating your essential question

Exceeds standard: Thoroughly identifies a research question means that your question fits the 5 characteristics of an essential question.
Meets standard:  Substantially identifies a research question means that your question fits 3/5 characteristics of an essential question.
Approaches standard:  Partially identifies a research question means that your question fits 2/5 characteristics of an essential question.
Below Standard:  Demonstrates difficulty in identifying a research question means that your question does not fit the characteristics of an essential question.  Your question is a topical question that can be answered with facts.

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