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Simsbury High School (SPTC)

Welcome to the SHS-SPTC President's Letter

In accordance with Simsbury High School's Mission Statement and Core Beliefs, the SPTC is a non-profit organization created to promote the welfare of the high school community through the cooperation and efforts of students, parents/guardians and faculty. We encourage every family to join! It's what YOU can do for your school!

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Meeting Dates

First Wednesday of the month (unless otherwise noted) @ 7:15 PM in Room D172

From the Senior Celebrations Committee

There is a very important planning meeting on Thursday, April 20, 2017 at 7 PM (location to be determined). Everyone is welcome! Committee chairs are strongly encouraged to attend.



SHS-SPTC Volunteer Opportunities

Throughout the school year, the SHS-SPTC will be providing a variety of ways for parents to get involved. These opportunities will be communicated to parents in two ways.

The first is at the monthly SHS-SPTC meeting. These meetings are held in Room D172 and begin at 7:15 pm. The meeting schedule is available here.

The second way will be in connection with a listserv notification. When the SHS-SPTC is looking for help, we will provide a description of the activity and a link through which you can sign up.

To get more information, feel free to contact any committee chairperson or your SHS-SPTC President.

Documents & Forms

Standing Committees and Objectives

Reimbursement Form

Student Information


Class Faculty Advisors:

Class of 2017 – Jennifer Dion and Chris Cannata

Class of 2018 - Steve Turgeon and TBD

Class of 2019 - Amanda McCusker and Jessica Wellington

Class of 2020 - TBA

Special Projects

Special Projects Applications

Special Projects Funding Requests

Special Projects Funding Recipients:

School Year 2009–2010

  • Online News Subscription (History)
  • Organ Rental for Concert (Chorus)
  • Visiting Jeweler (Art)
  • Books for Silent Sustained Reading (SSR)
  • Peer Advocate Club (Guidance)
  • Hands to Hart Shelter Dinners (Jr Civitan Club)
  • Chariot (World Languages/Tech Ed)
  • Lost & Found Closet (Eagle Scout)
  • Appreciation gifts for retiring/transferring staff
  • In memory donations for students and families
  • Honor with Books program
  • School Gift – Permanent art exhibit featuring images in American History

School Year 2008-2009

  • Follow spotlight (Performing Arts)
  • Visiting paper-cutting artist for Spanish and Chinese (World Languages)
  • Transportation for Group Advocacy Project against drug and alcohol abuse (Health Ed)
  • Visiting jewelry metal smith (Art)
  • Honoraria for history speakers (Social Studies)
  • Teacher's Resource Library
  • "Guitar After School" class (Music)

School Year 2007-2008

  • Social Studies Native American Program
  • New School Dance Team
  • Names Program
  • Special Ed Department Sound Field System
  • Art Department - Artist in Residence
  • Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Resolution
  • National Art Honor Society
  • Junior Civitan
  • Performing Arts Council
  • Multicultural Club
  • Social Studies Honoraria for World War II Speakers
  • Eagle Scout Project

School Year 2006-2007

  • Books for Silent Sustained Reading Program
  • Software and frames for Library Media Center- "READ" Program
  • Artist in Residence Program
  • Silent Sustained Reading Program for Special Services
  • Music Jazz Ensemble Concert
  • Freshmen Introduction Program
  • Cheerleading Pom-poms

Special Events

Battle of the Bands takes place each winter. This past performance was on February 24, 2017.

Henry James Memorial School (PTC)

Membership & Directory

Please reference our Back to School 2015-16 document (Word format)

Meeting Dates & Events

Meetings are held at 7 pm in room 116. Please note the following planned meeting dates for the 2016-2017 school year:

October 19, 2016

December 14, 2016 - Social (location TBD)

February 8, 2017

April 12, 2017

May 10, 2017

PTC Officers & Reimbursement Form

President Laura Schless

Vice President Stacie Windisch

Treasurer Courtney Feingold

Secretary Vacancy

PTC contact email

Reimbursement Form

Meeting Minutes

Minutes are posted once they have been approved.


Committees & Volunteer Opportunities

Below is a description of each PTC committee. If you would like to volunteer for any of these committees please contact Laura Schless, PTC President.

Beautification - Committee members work on improving and maintaining the appearance of the school grounds. Flowers are planted each spring and fall. Meet with the principal to plan for the year.Chairperson:

BOE Liaisons - A HJMS Representative attends all Board of Education meetings and gives a brief summary at each PTC meeting. Chairperson:

Book Fair - Members are needed to help set up, take down and assist students with their purchases. Many volunteers are needed for this event.

Cultural - Members are responsible for bringing in meaningful and fun assemblies to Henry James. These programs enrich student exposure to the arts, musical theater, or current social/athletic themes. Members respond to requests for information from the parents and faculty, as well as screen programs and events.

General Volunteer List - Members are contacted throughout the year when volunteers are needed to assist at events such as 7th Grade Field Days, Unified Arts/Cabaret Night, or other functions where help is needed.

HJ Service Day - Members help chaperone 8th Grade HJMS students as they help clean up designated areas in the community. The HJ Service Day is held at the end of April.
Chairperson: Hilary Dording

Hospitality - This committee provides the "extras" for our parent programs, decorations at holiday times and thank you treats for the teachers. Things we have done in the past include provision of monthly snacks and beverages at PTC meetings and Board of Education meetings held at Henry James, "welcome back" breakfast for staff and faculty the first day of school, and a thank you luncheon for the staff and faculty at the end of the school year.

Media Center Volunteers - This committee organizes volunteers to work 2 hour weekly/biweekly shifts on various projects in the Media Center throughout the school year and to staff the annual Book Fair. Chair meets periodically with media specialist.

Membership/Directory - Committee creates, copies and distributes membership forms at the beginning of the year, collects membership information and dues, and generates a student directory distributed in late October to PTC members.

Publicity - Committee members promote programs and activities at HJMS, create flyers and submit articles for local publications, and alert parents and students to upcoming events via our ListServ and district website.

Student Social Activity - Members plan and oversee our yearly evening event for Henry James students.

Fundraiser (Ways and Means) - Committee organizes and oversees our fundraisers and organizes Barnes & Noble night.

Central School

Log on to the Central School PTO HUBPresident: Kelly Connolly

Vice President: Caroline Lattanzi

Treasurer: Kelly Strayer

Secretary: Mary Myers

Email PTO officers

General Information

The Central School PTO is now an independent non-profit organization!

Meetings are typically held the second Wednesday of each month in the Library Media Center. All PTO meetings and events are listed on the school calendar.

Volunteer Information

PTO Volunteer Position Descriptions

Volunteer Reimbursement

Do you need to be reimbursed? You can find The PTO Check Request Form in the Treasures' Folder located in the PTO desk (front office). Please fill out the form and leave it with a self-addressed stamped envelope in the PTO Treasurer's Folder. Your check will be mailed out to you in a few days!


Academic Fair

Parent volunteers are needed to coordinate the program with the teachers, order ribbons and print certificates for the student participants, help set up the day before the fair and clean up. Every other year the theme alternates between Math/Science and History/Culture/Diversity.

Art Show

Each spring, an art show showcases our children’s accomplishments during the year. Parent volunteers are needed to help our art teacher mat, label and display each piece and/or to set up the Art Show in the gym and dismantle the displays.

Classroom Enhancements

Committee coordinates with the classroom teachers and the Principal to bring a schedule of programs tailored to enrich each grade’s curriculum throughout the year. These presentations are all fully funded by the PTO. In previous years programs were brought to Central School including Mother Goose storytelling for Kindergarten, The Bear Man for First Grade, and Iditarod Sled Dogs for Second Grade.

Cultural Enrichment

The Cultural Enrichment Committee (CEC) at Central School coordinates with all of the other public schools in Simsbury to bring 3-4 age-appropriate cultural programs to our elementary schools each year. The PTOs from each school contribute toward the cost of these outstanding cultural programs. Committee volunteers preview events to help select performers and meet representatives from the other schools on a monthly basis. The CEC provides enrichment programs for Simsbury’s elementary school students that expose them to the exciting variety of art, drama, dance, music and other forms of artistic expression that exists in other cultures. The committee strives to select cultural enrichment programs that offer both diverse artistic entertainment as well as educational value for our children. The content of our cultural programs is broadly appealing and applicable across curriculum plans.

Family Events

Back to School Picnic

We welcome back all the families in September with a picnic on our playground. Volunteers organize the food, music and any other events that are needed.

Carnival/Pet Show

One of the highlights of the year, the Carnival & Pet Show requires lots of people power to succeed. People are needed to volunteer for Pet Judging, Pet Registration, Spirit Week, Publicity, Alex Lemonade, Cake Walk, Game Booths, Coordinate activities, buy prizes for prize booth, and Set Up and Clean-up.

Family Dance

This fun evening of music and dancing is sponsored by the PTO. This event is typically held at the school gym. Volunteers are needed to select theme, coordinate activities, solicit to repeat businesses for raffle and event prizes, select and hire DJ, recruit parent volunteers for the following: hallway monitors, refreshment table, collection of charity items and distribution of raffle tickets, set up, and clean up.

Family Skate Night

This fun evening of skating is sponsored by the PTO and is coordinated with Tariffville School. This event is generally held at one of the local rinks (Simsbury Farms or ISCC) in early November. Volunteers are needed to set up/decorate the rink, chaperone, sell or provide refreshments, coordinate music, and clean-up.

Kindergarten Fall Harvest Supper

This tradition was begun as a way of welcoming kindergarten families to the Central School community, and especially as an opportunity for them to meet other parents. Volunteers send invitations, serve food and drinks as well as coordinate parents to provide desserts, set up and clean up.

Movie Night

A fun family night at Central, under the stars watching a movie. Volunteers are needed to help run the event.


Did you know that the PTO sponsors and supports the following activities?

  • Classroom Enhancement programs throughout the year
  • Cultural Enrichment programs sponsored by the district
  • Carnival/Pet Show
  • Silent Auction
  • 5th & 6th grade conference babysitting
  • Academic Fair
  • Art Show
  • 5th grade Camp Jewel trip
  • Read a loud and Nutmeg books
  • Central School Publishing
  • After school clubs

Book Fair

This committee organizes and runs our annual Book Fair working closely with Scholastic. Volunteers are needed to set-up, man the cash registers, and dismantle. Teachers select their favorite books, children bring home their lists and we all benefit from these great books!

Central School Clothing

This committee organizes and runs our annual Central School clothing sales, from selecting styles of clothing, logos, printing and sales and distribution of school clothing.

Flexible Fundraisers

Fundraisers may change year to year. Volunteers need to coordinate, promote, process and collect orders. Past fundraisers have included Eco Bags, Munson’s and Gift Wrap.

Box Tops Program

A number of companies have UPC, label, and box top “redemption” programs for Central School to earn money and various school supplies, such as digital cameras, books, etc. We have a collection box in the school for these. The volunteers trim, count and sort the proofs-of-purchases.

Classroom that collects the most Box Tops wins an ice cream party.


Volunteers coordinate the annual Read-a-thon with the Media Specialist for Read Across America. The entire school reads for 60 minutes on the same day at the same time to raise money for the school and charities of the grades’ choice. Organize pledge sheets, charities and collect donations.

Silent Auction

This is one of our biggest fund-raisers. We need volunteers to coordinate, locate and ‘book’ a venue, send out solicitation letters (we have a mailing list), follow up on the letters by phone, and in person, create a bid book just prior to the auction, set up the displays at the venue, help the day of the auction, notify the winners and distribute the goods, and send out thank- you notes.

PTO Service

Central School Publishing

Volunteers work with students in the school publishing room to write their own books and enter the information into a format. This is a great opportunity to work with your child’s class throughout the year.

Gift Book Program

This is a program where one has the opportunity to donate a book to the Media Center in honor of someone (e.g.: a child, teacher, relative). Books are donated to commemorate a child’s birthday, special efforts in school, love of reading, topic of interest or to show appreciation to a particular teacher or faculty member. Volunteers help develop and maintain teachers’ wish lists.

Grounds Beautification

Calling all gardeners! Volunteers help spruce up the grounds by planting, mulching and maintaining the flower beds throughout the year.


Throughout the school year, refreshments for special programs are coordinated through this committee: Teacher Welcome Luncheon and the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon. The committee members rotateprovision drinks and snacks for monthly PTO meetings. In addition, you may be asked to lend a hand in welcoming the family of a student who joins the school later in the year. If you don’t mind making an occasional pan of brownies or plate of cookies, this one’s for you!

Media Center

Many volunteers are needed in the Media Center to assist in processing books and in a variety of projects throughout the school year. Volunteer readers are also needed for the younger grades.

Paul Cryan Photography

Paul Cryan is a highly esteemed portrait photographer. This is a great opportunity for our families to get reasonably priced, beautiful, black and white portraits. We need a volunteer or two to help schedule the portrait sessions, be available the evenings of his visit, and distribute photographs to teacher mailboxes.

Room Parents

A room parent helps in the classroom with holiday parties, special programs, and field trips. In addition, room parents coordinate the “phone chain” during school closing and emergencies (Kindergarten only). Room parents are also asked to coordinate the volunteers for a particular game booth at the Carnival/Pet Show each spring, help coordinate silent auction class baskets and 5th or 6th grade child care during parent/teacher conferences and other duties as requested.

Fifth Grade Committee

We need volunteers to organize and oversee the fifth grade students who provide at-school baby-sitting during parent-teacher conferences in March. To provide flowers for the 5th grade concerts.

Sixth Grade Committee

Throughout the year, parents of sixth graders coordinate activities to help create the class Memory Book. The students provide at-school baby-sitting during parent-teacher conferences in December. Volunteers coordinate and help with the development and production of the Memory Book and flowers for concerts.

School Directory/Handbook/Calendar

These volunteers are responsible for updating the school handbook and directory and coordinating with a printer for publishing. Volunteers are also needed to coordinate with other area schools an art contest for the Simsbury School Calendar which showcases student’s artwork for each month.

Executive Board: PTO President, Vice President, PTO Treasurer, PTO Secretary and PTO Board Members

PTO meetings are scheduled once a month with the exception for the month of December. Officers shall serve from the last PTO meeting of the school year until the last PTO meeting of the following year or until their replacement is elected and takes office. No officer shall be eligible to be elected for the same office for more than two consecutive years unless there is no other candidate put forward by the Nominating Committee. Officers shall be elected at the annual election meeting held in the spring of the current school year or at a meeting called by the Board for the purpose of electing of officers.
  • PTO President

Are you a fun, well organized person? We need you to help direct our organization, oversee our fundraising activities, services, events and enrichment. Coordinate and delegate volunteers and work closely with the Principal and school staff. PTO President shall lead monthly PTO meetings, designate chairmen of all committees and facilitate communication. Work closely with the PTO Vice President, PTO Treasurer and PTO Secretary to create an annual budget.

  • PTO Vice President

The PTO Vice President shall act as an aide to the President, shall perform the duties of the President in their absence.

  • PTO Treasurer

Do you have a financial background? The Treasurer shall receive all money of the PTO, keep accurate record of receipts and expenditures and shall disburse funds as authorized. The Treasurer provides a budget update for every PTO meeting.

  • PTO Secretary

We need your help to record meeting minutes and help with correspondence. The Secretary shall keep a record of all meetings of the Organization and of the Executive Committee.

  • PTO Board Members

There are four positions open up for people to serve on the PTO Board for duration of one school year. You simply attend PTO meetings and be a present.

Want to Earn Money for Our School?

We just handed Ms. Hennessy a check from Stop & Shop for Central School in the amount of $1,546!!

All you need to do is email Amrita Pritam at or sign up on line yourself!

Latimer Lane School

The Latimer Lane PTO Hub provides one stop shopping for all of your PTO needs. This is a secure site, accessible only to Latimer families and staff, that will allow us to save time, money and paper as we strive to support our school community. Get plugged in with the latest PTO sponsored events, happening both during and outside of school hours, volunteer to help at an event, join a committee, or just check out the latest ways your support is helping our children learn and grow. All of the PTO calendar dates, forms and more are available on our site! Don't forget to stop by our new online school store—you can now pay for activities and merchandise at your convenience!

Latimer Lane PTO Board Officers


Jennifer Caulfield

Rebecca Mahoney

Lisa Trouern-Trend
Vice President of Fundraising

Jackie Lachance
Vice President of Volunteers

Nathan Berry

Solange Agrawal
Recording Secretary

Angela Curran
Corresponding Secretary

Squadron Line School

Log on to the Squadron Line PTO HUB

The SQL PTO Hub provides one stop shopping for all of your PTO needs. This is a secure site, accessible only to SQL families and staff, that will allow us to save time, money and paper as we strive to support our school community. Get plugged in with the latest PTO sponsored events, happening both during and outside of school hours, volunteer to help at an event, join a committee, or just check out the latest ways your support is helping our children learn and grow. All of the PTO calendar dates, forms and more are available on our site! Don't forget to stop by our new online school store—you can now pay for activities and merchandise at your convenience!

Tariffville School

PresidentJennifer Batchelar
Co-Vice President Allyson Battistoni
Co-Vice PresidentKatie MacQuattie
TreasurerDeb Luzietti
SecretaryMary Pat Gritzmacher


Have a question about a PTO related activity?

Please check out our PTO HANDBOOK

It contains contact info, committee chairs, our tentative PTO calendar, financial summaries, and more!

Volunteers Needed!

  • Cultural Enrichment Committee Representatives
  • School Beautification Chair
  • PTO Bulletin Board Chair
  • Silent Auction Co-Chair
  • Hospitality Committee Members
  • Back-to-School Picnic Chair
  • Yearbook Administrator
  • Yearbook Chair
  • Paul Cryan Portrait Fundraiser Chair
  • Start-up YOUR OWN IDEA!!!

Please click on the Volunteer Openings/ Committee Descriptions for more information or contact a PTO Board Member.

Thank you!

Email Announcements

Please sign up here to receive weekly emails (also known as the "List Serve") with announcements about school and district happenings. Click on "Email Notification" and follow the instructions there.

Event/Expense Forms

Meeting Minutes

PTO Bylaws

Tootin' Hills School

In an effort to standardize communication, most Simsbury elementary school PTOs willl be using The Hub as their online information and communications portal beginning the 2016-2017 school year.

All information on the Tootin' Hills Hub will be specific to Tootin' Hills school ONLY and will reside behind a secure, private firewall, ensuring the highest level of protection and confidentiality. The firewall system has been tested an approved by the District's Office of Technology.

In order to keep up-to-date with school news and events, please register on The Hub. Below are the simple steps to do so. If you encounter any problems or difficulties, please contact the support team at: for immediate assistance.

Hub registration instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the SIGNUP tab
  3. Use the REGISTRATION CODE of: THE12345Z
  4. Log in with your new info; update your family's/child's profile; complete your verification
  5. Take a few minutes to tell us which programs your family is most interested in so we can prioritize initiatives accordingly.
  6. While you are on The Hub, it's a great time to pay your family's PTO dues ($15/family) AND your child's classroom activity fees ($10/child). PTO dues give you the ability to vote on how fundraising dollars are allocated to enrich our school. Classroom activity fees help cover the cost of parties and special events in your child's classroom throughout the year.

Please contact the PTO Board at with any other questions. Thank you!

Other PTO Information

Note with regard to schools that use The Hub: The Hub is a third-party website sponsored by the PTO, for which the Simsbury Public Schools takes no responsibility. The link on this page is provided for your information and convenience only. The Simsbury Public Schools is not responsible for the quality or reliability of information, data, images, or opinions found on the website and the presence of any link to a third-party website on The Hub does not imply any endorsement by the Simsbury Public Schools.

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